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Value Proposition-Sustainability with Meaning, Purpose & Intention
Health is WealthTM, as our team name represents a Value Proposition of: one's health "IS" truly one's wealth and we should all endeavor to do things that balance ourselves in this journey of life. To that end, we should endeavor to be physically fit; mentally, emotionally, and spiritually sound in our every moment of Being. With that, we become more sustainable to ourselves and efforts, as well as to those around us: our families, our community and the like. Without our health, it is virtually impossible to enjoy the quality-of-life from our work and other life endeavors.
So it goes, Health is WealthTM represents a healthful, dynamic lifestyle allowing each of us to fulfill our human potential and purpose.
Why we are here
The road cycling team draws and captures attention as its riders cut a path of health and performance through their respective communities on their daily rides. Always in fetching kits, Health is WealthTM  team serves as an advertising and referral vehicle for companies to promote their healthful contribution or solution to the public throughout Northern California and Nevada. We continue to provide a link between a healthful lifestyle and our sponsors’ respective products or services. Health is WealthTM team members will run, swim, ride, climb, ski to demonstrate the effectiveness of being healthy. We continue to seek out those products and services that support the mind, body, and soul.
Our commitment to a healthful lifestyle is realized through our eating quality, value-priced foods; focused training; competitiveness; thinking positive thoughts; and supporting community events to enhance bicycle safety and transportation and healthful programs. Keep an eye out for what our sponsors bring to the table.
In the pursuit of wealth, we participate in those activities that promote health, inside and out.      We encourage all to be healthy.
The Team
Elite Men Masters 35+ & 45+
Moon Kim
USCF License# 199345
Category III
Training and racing have been a major part of my life for over two decades. The passion to ride started as a child and it wasn't until high school that I started racing, in fact, the choice of college was based on its cycling team. I attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo majoring in cycling and minoring in biology. Riding for Cal Poly I truly learned how to race a team and captained a team to multiple regional championships.

After graduating from college I got into environmental education and took a hiatus from racing but not riding. I eventually got into mountain biking and racing off road as well as cross country ski racing in the winters. During these years I had an amazing opportunity to live, work and play in some amazing places like the Colorado Rockies, Yosemite, Point Reyes, and the Sierra.

I eventually went back to school to get a masters and teaching credentials at Colorado State University, where I joined their cycling team and raced both on and off road.

After finishing my program at Colorado State I took a teaching position at a middle school in Berkeley where I joined the Berkeley Bicycle Club and raced and eventually became the race team director. At BBC I got an opportunity to help develop new racers and promote races and give back to the sport that I love so much and that has treated me so well for so many years.
Currently I live in the Marin area with my wife and two kids, where I try to find a healthy balance of family, training and work. After eleven years with BBC I was offered a position to race at the next level with this team. As all things evolve, so must I. I look forward to racing with and for this great group of guys.
Elite Men Masters 35+ & 45+
Max R. Mack, 5'8", 150lbs (that's before riding; post ride, about 145lbs)
USCF License# 45629
Category II
Having been a competitive athlete for over half of my life, I have come to see athleticism as a vehicle to promote health and fitness in a dynamic way, so long as athletes do their own work in a clean and natural way. I have realized a healthful lifestyle from being a gymnast, soccer player, handball and racquetball competitor, 5K & 10K runner, and cyclist. After completing a 500 mile week-long bike trek with the American Lung Association in 1982, I finally chose cycling as my main sporting activity. The people I met on that ride were gracious, humble, active, fit, happy, and healthy. 
Immediately upon return from this trek, my new friends signed me up for the Davis Fourth of July Criterium. They told me to stay in the top ten and I should do fine. Stationing themselves along the route, they yelled out for me to move up or hold off during the race. Long and short of it, I finished sixth, won money and prizes and thought this was the coolest thing ever.
Twenty-five years later I am grateful to have the level of fitness that allows me to compete at an elite level of cycling under the United States Cycling Federation/Northern California Nevada Cycling Association. I have had the opportunity to compete in some of the toughest events on the West Coast: Nevada City Classic, Sea Otter Classic, District Road & Criterium Championships, 1984 Olympic Trials in the 4000 meter pursuit on the Velodrome to name a few. Though winning was the goal, I was grateful to know that I competed with the best, in a fair, give it your all, effort.
I continue to be grateful for the fitness that has come along with the hard work and effort of training some 300-400 miles a week. As I endeavor to win, I realize that winning happens 'off the bike' as much as it does, 'on the bike'. This is why I have chosen to use a cycling team to be an emblematic vehicle for companies to align their products and services with such a dynamic activity representing a Health is Wealth way of being.
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